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  2. World of Tanks: Stug3 75mm/L70 versus KV turret. The Momaw. Загрузка..
  3. StuG E-75 (as its name suggests) is an assault gun project, based on the E-75 heavy tank we all For the E-50/75 suspension design and construction, the company Adlerwerke (furthermore referred to as..
  4. 25 hp/t13 hp/tSurface density. 43 km/h forward8 km/h back40 km/h forward7 km/h backSpeed. Armament. 75 mm StuK40 L43 cannonMain weapon. 44 roundsAmmunition. 5.9 / 7.6 sReload. -6° / 17°Vertical guidance. -10° / 10°Horizontal guidance. Economy. 14 000 Research. 55 000 Purchase
  5. The Stürmgeschutz III, better known as the StuG III, was the workhorse of the German army, serving both for infantry support and tank hunting

Continue shopping Proceed to checkout. Menu. SCALE75. STUG III B. Reference: TMY-32507. Conditio The StuG III (its official designation being Sturmgeschütz III and its ordnance inventory being Sd.Kfz. 142) was a German assault gun (hence the name), to which goes the honour of being the most produced German tank design during the war on 75mm cannon you must use AP because HE is just useless on this type of gun when you see a low hp vehicle switch on HE and you will finish him in couple of shoots StuG III Ausf G is a Tank Destroyer found in Armor Blitz. •The Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) assault gun was Germany's most-produced armoured fighting vehicle during World War II. (Copied from Wikipedia).

WIP: StuG E-75 by Baryonyx62 on DeviantArt. 1032 x 774 jpeg 163kB. forum.worldoftanks.eu. STUG E100 - Tank Destroyers - World of Tanks official forum. 720 x 386 jpeg 21kB The first months of Italy's participation in WWII showed the weakness of its armour. The 47 mm gun on its M13/40 medium tank was insufficient against the thick armour of the British Matilda tank.. long 75 is an exceptional gun. Based on what WG has said, range is irrelevant to penetration, it is just a dice roll. The Stug can even chase down scouts, even though it only goes 40kp/h, the gun stays accurate while on the move, and with.. World of Tanks: M2 Medium Tank with 75mm Howitzer and commentary StuG 40 Ausf F Sturmgeschutz Langrohr Eastern front. StuG 40 Ausf G guns with side schurzen. StuG 40 Ausf G with spaced armour plates. Sturmgeschutz StuG 40 Ausf G of Waffen SS

Stug III Ausf D Restoration. 17,187 likes · 6 talking about this. This is an ongoing diary of the restoration of an original and very rare Sturmgeschutz... See more of Stug III Ausf D Restoration on Facebook Weapon:75mm StuG. Categories: Wehrmacht Weapons | Weapons. Effects: The Stug IV is armed with a fixed 75mm main Gun. The Stug IV is effective at supporting Infantry and ambushing Enemy.. Modello 3D gratuito di Stug Iii Ausf Armored Fighting Vehicle ID121689 per il download gratuito, file disponibili in: 3D Studio Max (.max), Vray (Materiali e impostazioni) formati

RR Axle Housing Kit SCX10 II C27111GUN gratuito US SHIP, pazienti affetti da Minitrix N 12090 2 ACH. trainante autorello VT 75.9 + autorozzetta VB 140-DB-ep.3 - Top, (TDT) Selon un sondage Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting pour FranceInfo et Le Figaro publié le 3 janvier, 75% des Français ont un avis défavorable envers la réforme des retraites.. The rear-mounted petrol engine was originally a 3.5 Litre Horch V8 with 75 PS (55 kW; 74 hp) (Ausf

Video: topwar.ru/18382-bronetankovaya-tehnika-germanii-vo-vtoroy-mirovoy..

VI - LVL <6> T28 Concept - LVL <7> T 55A - LVL <9> T25 Pilot Number 1 - LVL <8> T-34 shielded - LVL <5> Light Mk. VIC - LVL <2> T-50-2 - LVL <6> StuG IV - LVL <5> Excalibur - LVL <6> TKS z.. The subject is a StuG.III Ausf.G (Sd.Kfz.142), of which 7,720 were produced from This 1/35 kit of the StuG.III Ausf.G Early Production, Kursk 1943 is based on Dragon's kit range, but as an initial release.. Hotlink for website: Captured German Stumgeschutz STuG III Assault gun Tank


The Elite Active 75t will also work with Jabra's new MySound feature that will debut on the Elite 45h headphones. Using hearing assistance tech from sister company GN Hearing, Jabra will offer a test.. What others are saying. Column of StuGs from Gebirgs Division Prinz Eugen, Yugoslavia, September 1944. Bundesarchive Photos 1933 - all fields of WWII - Page 655

GOOSE STUG. Player Ranking: #43,368 - ( #2,904 ). Performance Points: 346.21pp Originally intended as a mobile assault weapon for infantry support, the StuG was constantly modified and saw extensive use on all battlefronts as an assault gun and tank destroyer


  1. StuG III Ausf.D. Available soon
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  1. World of Tanks: Stug3 75mm/L70 versus KV turret - YouTub
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Video: plam.ru/transportavi/_shturmgeshyutce_v_boyu/p2.ph


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  5. StuG E-75 - possible tier 10 German TD? For the Recor
  6. StuG 40 — Wikimedia Foundatio
  7. ru-wiki.ru/wiki/StuG_II

litmir.me/br/?b=550184&p=3 - ЛитМи


Tank Archives: Semovente da 75/18: Apennine StuG


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